Nationally Founded: October 10, 1904 at Ohio State University 

    Founded at University of Idaho: March 28, 1998 
    Colors: Dark Green & Gold
    Flower: Pink Rose
    Motto: "Making Better Men"
    Number of chapters nationally: 74

    National headquarters location: Kansas City, Missouri


    Brotherhood Activities:
    *Weekly Brotherhood activity that may consist of Athletic events (football, volleyball, softball, capture the flag in U of I White Pine Forest, etc.), or movies and video games, and of course the best BBQ's with sororities.
    *Annual Reno Leadership Retreats for the executive board members to increase leadership skills in our chapter at the U of I, in the Greek community and Moscow Community, and most importantly through out life. 
    *Intramural Sports are very big in our chapter. Last year AGR's placed second in flag Football, and Softball, and forth in Competitive Basketball. Also had many individuals placed very high in other sports, such as wrestling, foosball, and golf.


    Social/Campus Activities:
    *AGR participates in many campus activities as we can, such as: Greek Week, Homecoming, and Fraternity and Sorority Philanthropies. 
    *AGR has a wide range of chapter activities that include, shooting outings, hunting and fishing trips, camping, and mudin' in the all the four-wheel drives. 
    *Our chapter is very involved in campus clubs and organizations. We have many club officers ranging from presidents to club advisors.


    What is a professional-social fraternity?
    A professional-social fraternity combines professionalism while allowing members to partake in activities based in a social atmosphere. By being a professional-social fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho, or AGR, maintains an excellent networking system with alumni in the working world while assuring a relaxed and fun environment at home.

    Do you have to study agriculture to be a member of AGR?
    Because AGR is a professional-social fraternity for men pursuing an Agriculture or Natural Resources related career, it is often a misleading thought that everyone studies agriculture. True, many members study programs in agriculture such as Animal Science or Agribusiness, but the college, and thus AGR, includes other majors such as Building Construction Management, Packaging, and Fisheries & Wildlife. In fact, AGR stresses diversity in its membership so there are many members in related majors such as Biology, Environmental Sciences, Education, and Engineering.

    Do AGR members live in a house?
    While most members choose to live in our house for the duration of their college career, it is only required to live in house for 4 semesters. The AGR house's prime location makes for a short walk to campus, or many dining establishments on Grand Ave.
    Within the AGR house you'll find very satisfying accommodations. Our house is one of the cleanest and most thoroughly maintained fraternity houses on campus. All members take part in the upkeep of the house with small weekly details and monthly work nights for bigger projects. Members also enjoy more living space than they would in a residence hall. 
    Our Chapter Room also serves as a place where most of the members like to hang out and enjoy each others' company. Many of them rooms are only made for two members, so you can get the amount of privacy you may desire.

    Our full time cook prepares dinner on Sunday, lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday, and lunch on Fridays. The kitchen is always stocked and open for weekends and breakfast. College students are busy and prepared meals are convenient for that half hour break between class, study, and work. 
    The House also employs a Mentor, so there is always an authority figure inside the house, for guidance and some one to talk to if the members need some counseling.


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